Transport Minister agrees to ongoing consultations with Highway Re-route Movement

Caption: Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport (left) and Dr. Kublalsingh of the Highway Re-Route Movement during their meeting on the extension of the Solomon Hochoy Highway. (Photo courtesy the Ministry of Works and Transport)

March 15, 2017: Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport met with Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh and other members of the Highway Re-route Movement (HRM) on Monday 13th March, 2017 to discuss the HRM’s views on the extension of the Solomon Hochoy Highway to Point Fortin. 

Dr. Kublalsingh’s presentation to the Honourable Minister espoused the position that alternative routes be examined for the Debe to Mon Desir extension and that consideration be given to the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study , as well as the feasibility and acquisition studies. Minister Sinanan agreed to further discussions on the HRM’s proposal before a decision is made and asked executives of the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) who were in attendance to meet with them to review their studies and to conduct new hydrology studies of the area.

The Ministry of Works and Transport is currently working on the completion of works for the Dumfries to Point Fortin segment of the Sir Holomon Hochoy Highway, which will take place in several packages; namely Dumfries Road to Paria Suites, Godineau River to St. Mary’s, and the Mosquito Creek Bridge and Godineau River Bridge. As such, Minister Sinanan advised the group that whilst the Debe to Mon Desir segment is currently not a priority for the Ministry due to financial restraints, no decisions will be made on works in that area without further consultations with the HRM.


Minister Sinanan inspects a map during the meeting with members of the Highway Re-route Movement (HRM). 




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