Stakeholders will always have the attention of the Ministry

The Ministry of Education takes this opportunity to address the statements made by President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA), Lynsley Doodhai in an article in the Newsday newspaper on Monday 10th September, 2018. In the article“Doodhai says Friday was a success: We’ll see if it got Garcia’s Attention”, Mr. Doodhai accuses Minister of Education the Honourable Anthony Garcia of deceiving the public on the statistics given relating to the September 7th ‘day of rest’. The Ministry of Education followed protocol and procedure in gathering this information through the School Supervision Division of the Ministry. The School Supervisors at each of the seven (7) Education Districts reported on the attendance of the teachers at the schools under their purview through direct contact with each school’s principal. This information was submitted to the Director of School Supervision, calculated and subsequently forwarded to the Chief Education Officer for review.


The TTUTA president is reminded that there are over 700 primary and secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago and to list twelve 12 of those schools to prove a point of “full support” is grossly misleading. The Ministry sighted fifty percent attendance at the primary level and fifty-two percent at the secondary level as a total average of all seven Districts.


 Minister Garcia also stated that “TTUTA is a very critical stakeholder in the education sector and the Ministry of Education will continue to treat with the association as such, however there must be a mutual respect that is maintained between both entities if we are to achieve our shared goal of a quality education system. Making reference to the Minister as a “Master of deception” and “hypocrite” does not meet with the status of the leader of a teachers’ association. The Union is also reminded that the concerns raised such as wage negotiations and School Based Assessment payments are not within the remit of the Ministry of Education. These matters pertain to the Chief Personnel Officer and the Office of the Attorney General and should be treated with accordingly. Teachers will always have the full attention of the Ministry and the Minister as I myself am a part and product of the noble profession.”


The Ministry of Education reiterates its adherence to procedure and policy and assures that all information presented to the public is transparent, relevant and accurate and at no time would be used to mislead.

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