Speaker of the House conducts site visit at the Red House Restoration Project

Caption: (L-R) Speaker of the House, the Honourable Wade Mark, Lead Archaeologist for the Red House Restoration Project, Dr. Basil Reid; Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. John Schultz; Research Assistant/Graduate Student in Anthropology, Mrs. Patrisha Meyers.
January 14, 2015: During the restoration project of the Red House, a composite of material comprising human bones, fragments of animal bones, shells, pottery and other artefacts were discovered and extracted from the soil in several areas at the Red House. The Speaker of the House, Hon. Wade Mark, MP, paid a site visit to the Red House on Sunday January 11th, 2014 to be apprised on the status of the restoration project.
On January 31st, 2015, Phase One of the Restoration project will come to an end, which will follow into Phase Two.
The Office of the Parliament recently signed a Research Agreement with the University of Central Florida Research Foundation Incorporated and as a consequence, Dr. John Schultz, Forensic Anthropologist and Mrs. Patrisha Meyers, Research Assistant/Graduate Student in Anthropology, were sent to Trinidad.
During their visit to Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Schultz will examine and conduct forensic analysis on the skeletons and human bones discovered at the Red House Restoration Site while Mrs. Meyers will perform all the preparatory work e.g., cleaning and reconstructuring of skeletons, photography, inventory and measurements.
Upon his arrival, the Speaker was met by Mr. Neil Jaggassar, Project Administrator attached to the Office of the Parliament, as well as Dr. Basil Reid, Lead Archaeologist for the Red House Restoration Project. The Speaker was formally introduced to Dr. Schultz and Mrs. Meyers.
After a brief tour, the Speaker then invited Dr. Reid, Dr. Schultz and Mrs. Meyers to lunch at the Speaker’s Private Dining Room at the Office of the Parliament. Immediately following lunch, the guests were invited to sign the Speaker’s Visitors’ Book and were also presented with small tokens.
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Red House Restoration Project
Speaker of the House
The Honourable Wade Mark
Lead Archaeologist for the Red House Restoration Project
Dr. Basil Reid; Forensic Anthropologist
Dr. John Schultz
Research Assistant/Graduate Student in Anthropology
Mrs. Patrisha Meyers
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