Rehabilitation programmes across the Prison Service being evaluated

Caption: Father's Day at the prison. Photo courtesy

August 30, 2013:

The Ministry of Justice denies reports in the print media that the Drug Rehabilitation Programme in the Prisons has been discontinued. The Ministry explains that among the activities it undertook for fiscal 2013 has been a review and evaluation of all major inmate rehabilitation programmes throughout the Prison Service. These programmes were reviewed with the view to determining whether or not they met their stated objectives and enhanced the preparedness of inmates for re-integration into society upon release.

The appraisal of the Drug Rehabilitation Programme at the Eastern Correctional Rehabilitation Centre at Santa Rosa has been completed and the Ministry has studied and accepted the recommendations of its evaluation team.  Those recommendations are now at various stages of implementation.

The Justice Ministry affirms its commitment to the provision of inmate rehabilitation initiatives and programmes that equip them for successful re-entry into society. However, in an effort to ensure that Government receives optimum value for outlays, the monitoring and evaluation of all major projects is essential, particularly since prisons rehabilitation programmes are in the main administered by commercial entities which are paid for the services they render.


Courtesy the Ministry of Justice

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