Refinery RFP Process is rigorous and robust

The Minister of Finance and Corporation Sole, Hon Colm Imbert, MP, has taken note of spurious,  wild allegations and insinuations made by members of the Opposition UNC at a press conference  today, which were clearly intended to cast doubt on and/or discredit the current procurement  process for a prospective purchaser or lessee for the Point-a-Pierre Refinery. 

The Minister of Finance wishes to inform the public that contrary to the baseless allegations of  the Opposition, the current procurement process being carried out by Trinidad Petroleum  Holdings Limited (TPHL) for the sale or lease of the Refinery has been closely monitored by the  Ministry of Finance for the last twelve (12) months and the Ministry is satisfied that the process  has been robust and rigorous, and completely above board and consistent with best practice.  

The Minister of Finance thus has no doubt that TPHL will make the best decision in the best  interest of the people of Trinidad and Tobago respect to the sale or lease of the Refinery and it  wishes to assure all concerned that the Ministry will ensure that this process will be taken to  completion with the highest levels of due diligence and integrity.


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