Petrotrin has 5 oil spills

Caption: Shoreline of Station Beach in La Brea is blanketed with oil (Photo Courtesy:

December 22, 2013:

Petrotrin has had five oil spills in the last few days, according to the company's President, Khalid Hassanali.

Speaking at a media conference this morning, Hassanali said that in addition to the leak on December 17 of fuel oil at the Petrotrin port, there was also a gasket leak on Trinmar's Riser Platform 5 on the same day.

He added that there had been reports of the Coffee Beach spill on December 18 and an oil leak in the area of Platform 17, in Trinmar on December 19. Though he stressed that it had not been determined that Petrotrin was the source of that spill. Samples from that spill were being examined to determine where the oil came from.

Hassanali said that this morning he had received a report that oil had been deliberately spill by leaving a tank valve open at Trinity Oil and Gas, one of Petrotrin's lease operators. This was at a compound on land.

Asked if sabotage was suspected, Hassanali said there would need to be an investigation to determine if the recent incidents were all caused deliberately.

Regarding the situation at Coffee Beach, Petrotrin's president said the area's 25 residents were being given food and medical assistance. He added that the company's legal department were also looking into compensation for fishermen affected by the oil spills.

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