PCA engages the Parliamentary Police Unit

Caption: Director Gillian Lucky engages an officer of the Parliamentary Police Unit

July 18, 2013:

Director of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA), Gillian Lucky encouraged officers of the Parliamentary Police Unit (PPU) to remember to adhere to the highest standards in the execution of their duties.

Director Lucky was the feature speaker at an information and sensitization session conducted with fifty officers attached to the PPU. The session was designed to educate this specific Unit on the role, responsibility and remit of the PCA as well as the judicious and reasonable use of force, the importance of maintaining a professional image and the impact of social media on the execution of their duties as police officers.

In her address to the participants, Director Lucky indicated that to be successful the Unit had to be relevant by ensuring that there is a safe and protected environment for their stakeholders. She also stressed the importance of having an image that is respected in the public’s eye. Director Lucky reiterated to the audience the importance of being competent and credible as well as efficient and effective.

Through role play and an interactive question and answer session, participants were able to act out challenges they encounter in the daily execution of their functions and the threat that the prevalence of social media can play in their interface with the public.
Director Lucky stated the importance of officers working in teams and relying on the judgement and support of fellow officers in making decisions that could avert the use of force. Participants were also reminded about the importance of using force judiciously in circumstances where the conduct of a person is deemed unreasonable or poses a threat to security.

The PCA was received by the Marshal of the Parliament, Mr. Brian Caesar and the Director of Human Resources, Ms. Lydia Jacobs to conduct this session. The Parliamentary Police Unit is a critical stakeholder of the PCA, which welcomed the opportunity to engage these officers.


Courtesy the PCA

Gillian Lucky
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