No ‘Medical drugs shortage’ in the Public Health System

Port of Spain, 17th January, 2021: The Ministry of Health advises the public that, contrary to information presented in a Newsday Newspaper report dated 16th January, 2022, there is no shortage of the following pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical items in the public health sector at this time:

    •          Methylprednisolone
    •          Potassium Chloride injections
    •          Oxytocin injections
    •          Nimbex
    •          Liquid Prednisolone
    •          Actemra
    •          Adrenaline injections
    •          Reagents to run tests
    •          Aerobic and anaerobic blood culture bottles
    •          Buscopan

The following two items are not procured for use in the public health sector and there are adequate supplies of the alternative medications utilised:

    •          CoAprovel
    •          Bisolvin liquid

The Ministry of Health assures the public that it continues to monitor this key area of operations and remains committed to providing optimum healthcare to its patients and to the Trinidad and Tobagopopulation.

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