MoE supports literacy on board the Logos Hope

Ahead of the arrival of the Logos Hope on December 30th 2019, members of the Strategic Executive Team of the Ministry of Education met with representatives of the ship to coordinate the involvement of the nation’s schools and students. The meeting, which took, place on Friday 6th December at the Education Towers Port of Spain, centered on how the Ministry can support the work and outreach that the team from the Logos Hope will be undertaking.

The Logos Hope is a non-profit mobile bookstore that travels around the world. Students will have the opportunity to visit the ship when it docks in Port of Spain from January 2nd -26th 2020. Minister of Education the Honourable Anthony Garcia during the meeting recalled the impact that the experience of visiting the ship can have on a child. “For many children this may not just be a field trip to a bookstore, but an opportunity to see and be a part of something that can spark a curiosity that may be expanded into a career path. Being able to be on the ship can be a memory that many children hold on to for various reasons and we want to support the creation of these memories.”

Project Manager representing the Logos Hope Stephanie Vieira, also outlined that the ship’s visit will also include teams going out to schools to share with students information about what the Logos Hope is all about, which is more than a mobile bookstore.

The Ministry of Education’s School Supervision and Management Division will be working with principals across Trinidad and Tobago to facilitate student’s trips to the vessel.

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