Ministry of Social Development visits blind woman

For many, today may have been just a normal day, but for 62-year-old Salmat­tie Garib­s­ingh and her husband, Mahadeo, it would be a memorable one as smiles were brought to their faces when the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services paid the family a visit to assess their needs.

Following the news article, which highlighted their plight with regard to their present living conditions, Officers of the National Social Development Programme and Communications Unit at the Ministry reached out to lend a helping hand, in an effort to provide an improved standard of living for the couple at their Freeport home.

Assessments were conducted to determine eligibility for house repairs grant, electrical wiring and sanitary plumbing.  The family was also offered counselling services should they require it from the National Family Services Division.  Additionally, the couple was informed of the Food Support and general assistance grants offered by the Ministry, which could provide further assistance. The Ministry has also offered to replace Salmattie’s wheelchair with a new one later this week.

The Ministry remains committed to ensuring that vulnerable persons are given the opportunity to access the various grants and services available so that their living standards could be improved/enhanced.


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