Minister Kazim Hosein calls for volunteers in every community

Caption: Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, Senator the Honourable Kazim Hosein speaks at the launch of the National Cleanup Campaign in Diego Martin on January 14, 2017.

January 15, 2017: With the National Clean-Up Campaign well into its second day in the Diego Martin region spanning from Chaguaramas/Point Cumana to Moka/Boissiere #2, Minister Kazim Hosein is already looking ahead to the upcoming launches in the remaining municipalities.

“The Diego Martin region showed us how great it is when communities come together out of a combined desire to clean up as well as improve community relationships. We have had so many volunteers, both residents and corporate Trinidad coming out for the past two days because they want to give back, and they want to make sure that there are improvements in their areas.”

The National Clean-Up Campaign continues with the City of Port of Spain, which will launch its effort on Saturday 21st January 2017. “In anticipation of the continued success of this effort, we call on all volunteers, from contractors, to NGOs, community-based organizations like Rotary and Lions clubs, neighbourhood watch groups, schools, student groups, professionals, religious groups, football and cricket teams, sports clubs, Red Cross, Scouts, Girl Guides, Cadets, musicians…all groups, to mobilise. Come out and help to load the trucks, help neighbours clean-up their surroundings and in the process, deepen community relationships. We urge all people, when you see the trucks passing in your community, come out and help to load them. Get involved and support the National Clean-Up Campaign when we come to your region, borough or city so we can work together to create cleaner, healthier and safer communities.”

Minister Kazim Hosein noted the level of patriotism and community spirit displayed by the residents of Diego Martin and calls for a continuation of this enthusiasm and energy from the entire population as the National Clean-Up Campaign moves across the country.

Let’s Team Up to Clean Up!



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