A Message from Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon - Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI) in observance of World Metrology Day 2020

Today we join the international metrology community in celebrating World Metrology Day which is commemorated every year on May 20th. World Metrology Day recognises and celebrates the positive impact the measurement system has made on the quality of life and the global environment.

The importance of Metrology in our everyday lives can be seen especially during this difficult time, as we experience the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Metrology is the science of measurement and metrology labs play a critical role in the development of ventilator systems, testing of face masks needed for personal protection and ensuring that medical thermometers are calibrated to the internationally recognized temperature scale to ensure accuracy of measurement.

This year’s international theme “Measurements for global trade” aims to create awareness of the important role measurement plays in facilitating fair global trade, ensuring products meet standards and regulations with the goal of satisfying customer quality expectations. 

As the Minister responsible for building our country’s export capacity and positioning Trinidad and Tobago as the trade hub of the Caribbean, it is imperative that the country develops a robust National Measurement System (NMS).  A NMS is critical for the development of our country and how we interface with the world. 

Metrology is an essential part in the framework of the National Quality Infrastructure. It provides global recognition to the measurements that underpin trade. Metrology, provides regulations and standards for measuring devices and processes which include the verification and calibration of measuring devices used in daily commerce to ensure fair trading practices. Confidence and trust in the measurements performed creates the framework for a successful economy and improves relationships and the ability to trade goods and services. Metrology allow consumers to make informed decisions based on measurements that are accurate and reliable. A thriving society cannot progress effectively without metrology, as it plays a critical role in the protection of public safety, the environment, consumers, and businesses.

The Metrology Act Chapter 82:06, now in its fifth year of proclamation, has given effect to the International System of Units (SI) which is the primary system of measurement in Trinidad and Tobago. The Act mandates the Legal Metrology Inspectorate (LMI), to monitor and verify prescribed measuring devices used in trade.  

In June 2019, the LMI completed 100% fuel quantity verification at all Service Stations nationwide, to ensure fuel dispensers comply with the regulatory requirements of the Act.  This ensures that the fuel dispensed from each nozzle is within the acceptable tolerance, so that the motoring public continually receives accurate results and value for money. To date, scales across Trinidad and Tobago in various sectors have been verified to ensure accuracy including minimart scales, supermarkets scales, courier scales, baggage scales at the airport, scales used in manufacturing and export, as well as food sold by the weight scales.   Currently, the verification of scales utilized by market vendors across Trinidad and Tobago is being conducted, to ensure consumers receive value for money when purchasing produce in the markets.

On this occasion, I must recognize the invaluable role the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) continue to play in implementing and enforcing measurement standards nationally, as it relates to the requirements of the Metrology Act. I also applaud the contribution of all the stakeholders who work in intergovernmental and national metrology institutes.  

As the line Minister with responsibility for TTBS, I am particularly pleased to continue to support activities being undertaken in the implementation of the Metrology Act as I recognize the importance of building the platform for a modern national measurement system in Trinidad and Tobago, which is consistent with international standards.                             

Today, as the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the TTBS work together to continue to build a quality conscious society, I urge you to reflect on how metrology does positively affect our everyday lives.

 Happy World Metrology Day! 


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