Improvements coming to CDAP

Members of the public who access their drugs through the Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP) will soon have an improved experience.  A recent decision by the Cabinet of Trinidad and Tobago will facilitate key modifications to CDAP which will enhance the overall performance and management of the Programme.

The following improvements to CDAP are being implemented:

  • There has been a reduction in the CDAP dispensing fee paid to pharmacies to $8.00 per item, with effect from July 1st 2018. This will generate a cost savings of approximately $5 million per year.
  • Pharmacies will be re-stocked with CDAP drugs every month instead of every two months. This is expected to increase the availability of drugs for customers.

 Savings from the reduction in the dispensation fee will allow for the purchase of additional drugs and medical supplies and will also cover the cost of the increase in the frequency of deliveries to pharmacies.

  • Each private pharmacy that now wishes to be included in the CDAP network of over 275 pharmacies will have to pay a one-time set up cost, which is estimated at $68,000. This cost was previously borne by the public health system.

It should be noted that recurrent costs for the programme (e.g. delivery of pharmaceutical supplies, internet access required by pharmacies operating within the programme) will continue to be met by the Ministry of Health and by extension the taxpayers.

Additionally, in order to ensure the optimum management of the Programme, the CDAP Steering Committee will be re-established and an independent entity will be engaged to assess CDAP.

The Ministry of Health and, by extension, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, have taken heed of the challenges encountered in the past, by some members of the public as it relates to CDAP. These changes to the Programme are expected to have a direct and tangible positive impact on the customer experience within a short timeframe.


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