GAPP staff empowered through parenting workshop

Older persons are the world’s fastest growing population in the world, and as persons age, their need for attention and care often become more acute. Hence, the Ministry’s decision to have caregivers attached to the Geriatric Adolescent Partnership Programme’s attend a six-day Parenting Workshop. The workshop, hosted by the National Family Services Division and facilitated by ParentingTT and was held from the 6th – 21st August 2019.

The Ministry’s decision was two-fold; firstly, to assist caregivers who are parents themselves to strengthen their existing parenting skills. Secondly, to improve the quality of service of elderly to people who receive their care. Additionally, in response to the varying needs of older adults as declines in cognitive, behavioural and social abilities and other common features of ageing require greater creativity when caring for older persons.

The Ministry’s parenting workshops are designed to empower parents through self-awareness and understanding while learning important information about the stages of child development, communication, bullying and social media,  all which are aimed at significantly improving parenting skills and family relationships.

The Workshop was also aimed at strengthening existing parenting abilities to equip parents and guardians with the necessary resources that would promote child learning and development. Participants are awarded a certificate of participation and following the training, parental support groups are formed to continue to provide an avenue for education, advice and long-term support.

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