Folk Theatre results announced

Seventeen (17) groups comprising aspiring playwrights, actors, directors, dancers and composers performed an astounding range of performances for the Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition, Folk Theatre Finals. The finals were held at various locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago over a two week period.

For 2019, there have been some changes to the format of the programme where the preliminary round was replaced to allow for more tutoring and preparation time for the groups.  Dr. the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Community Development, Culture and the Arts said, “Although the competition is known for its strong competitive element, this year, greater emphasis was placed on developing the participants and the groups. After each performance the judges provided feedback to the cast; thus giving groups the opportunity to understand what went well and areas for improvement.”

The results are as follow:

1st North West Laventille Cultural Movement

2nd Eh Bien Oui Don Don

3rd Bon Bassa Productions

4th The Tobago Drama Guild

5th Signal Hill Secondary School

6th Curepe Invaders Performing Company

7th Tacaribe Creatives

8th San Juan South Cultural Organization

9th La Dramatique Expression School of Theatre

10th Soul Oasis Cultural Ambassadors


Special Awards

  • Best Director & Directed Production – Rayshawn Pierre (North West Laventille Cultural Movement)
  • Best Musical Director – Alexander Evans (North West Laventille Cultural Movement)
  • Best Choreographer – Kadeem Mitchell (North West Laventille Cultural Movement)
  • Best Dancer in Production – Brittney Jones (North West Laventille Cultural Movement)
  • Best Vocalist in Production – Ricardo Roberts & Shenique Williams (Curepe Invaders Performing Company)
  • Best Costume Designer & Best Costumed Show – Mekelia Miller, Deborah Ettienne, Sapphire Mac Donald (Eh Bien Oui Don Don)
  • Best Musical Accompaniment – Julio Torres (Curepe Invaders Performing  Company) & Cast (North West Laventille Cultural Movement)
  • Best Choral Work – Cast (North West Laventille Cultural Movement)
  • Best Drumming Ensemble – Drummers (North West Laventille Cultural Movement)
  • Best Actor – Zacary Sosa (Eh Bien Oui Don Don)
  • Best Actress – Sheena Nelson (Tobago Drama Guild)
  • Best All Round Performer Male - Aaron Phillip (Eh Bien Oui Don Don)
  • Best All Round Performer Female – Jamila Bennett (Bon Bassa Productions)
  • Best Set –  Peter Craig & Mc Kenzie Taitt (Eh Bien Oui Don Don)
  • Best Representation of a National Building Theme – Cast (Bon Bassa Productions)


The top three winners will have an opportunity to perform their plays during CARIFESTA XIV to be held in August. “This is a unique and rare opportunity for some groups as the best of Best Village will perform in the biggest regional Festival of the Arts, affording them regional and international exposure” said Minister Gadsby-Dolly.

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