FashionTT and NEDCO launch 2020 training workshops

Port of Spain, 28th  January 2020: On Saturday 25th January, the Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Industry Company Limited (FashionTT) and National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO) launched the 2020 Entrepreneurial Development Programme training workshops with the first workshop in Brand Building and Development. These workshops provide training and mentorship in the core fundamentals of business and are hosted three Saturdays per month until October 2020.

The first training workshops are catered to addressing the needs of the 76 local designers within the 3rd (Business Advisory and Financing Programme) and 4th (Entrepreneurial Development Programme) Tier of the Value Chain Investment Programme (VCIP). Key topics being covered include Contract Law, Developing a Business Plan, Costing and Pricing, Business Taxation and more.

“We are excited to be working with NEDCO once again to ensure that our local designers have access to the training needed to create, grow and sustain a successful business,” stated Lisa-Marie Daniel, General Manager of FashionTT. “Capacity building of the local fashion sector is our business and supplying our stakeholders with the necessary tools to push the sector forward is an important part of what we do. VCIP helps us achieve this.”

The Fashion Value Chain Investment Programme assesses local firms by an independent panel of fashion industry professionals who categorizes firms into one of the four levels of the VCIP: The Global Value Chain (GVC) Programme, Non-Global Value Chain (non-GVC) Programme, Business Advisory and Financing Programme and the Entrepreneurial Development Programme. FashionTT works with in excess of 136 designers annually thought the VCIP.

For more information on the Value Chain Investment programme visit or follow FashionTT’s Facebook and Instagram pages, @fashionoftt, to keep up-to-date with this and other fashion industry initiatives.

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