ECCE contracts currently being awarded

Reference is made to an article published on Saturday 07th October, 2018 that claimed over 600 ECCE Contract teachers are being sent home by the Ministry of Education. This is a false statement as currently there are four hundred and twenty-two (422) Teachers and Teacher Assistants employed on contract within government and government assisted centers across Trinidad and Tobago. The MoE recently concluded interviews for persons interested in the various positions however, 64 persons did not reapply when the positions were advertised.

The claims are being made by the Early Childhood Teachers Trade Union (ECTTU), which was registered on June 10, 2016,  a Union that is yet to receive recognition and certification status and is not the bargaining body for ECCE teachers.

The Ministry therefore takes this opportunity to elaborate on the process that is followed for employment within the  Early Childhood Care and Eucation sector. ECCE Teacher and Teacher Assistant posts in the ministry are on a contractual basis where persons must apply for positions when they are advertised. This is followed by an interview and successful candidates are placed on an order of merit list for employment  for a period of 3 years after which, persons must reapply for positions when advertised. The ministry has always made it clear that these contract positions are not automatically renewed.  

At this time Teachers and Assistant Teachers who have completed their contracts and have been successful in the interview process are being offered 3 year contracts. To date over 100 persons have been offered contracts and the process is ongoing.


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