Customers at the core of TSTT’s Network Expansion

Bmobile's field sales agent presents the Company's offerings to residents of Palo Seco

Lush winds sweep through an open field and in the distance, the rhythmic laughter and chatter of students and villagers going about their business paints an idyllic scene of rural living. Beneath this easy going exterior in Palo Seco, the air brims of energy, authenticity and drive, and residents and businesses are eager to embrace innovations that adds just the right balance of technology to make their community flourish.

Palo Seco and Santa Flora are just two of the most recent communities where bmobile has focused on introducing modern high-speed communications infrastructure as part of it corporate and national transformation drive. The goal- to ensure that customers across Trinidad and Tobago can optimize their lives by tapping into the myriad benefits a high-speed communication for business, entertainment and learning, regardless of their address.

In December 2017, bmobile celebrated a major milestone of passing 100,000 homes in its fiber programme. This extensive fiber footprint means that more families, in rural and urban communities, can enjoy having a single connection that delivers crystal clear voice calls, HD television content and multi-user high-speed Internet.

TSTT’s Chief Operations Officer, Michael Hamilton, explained that the Company’s aggressive network modernising utilising both fiber optics and 4G LTE wireless technology, is just one element in its overarching digital transformation strategy. “This most recent project in Palo Seco and Santa Flora, two communities in south Trinidad demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that we do our part to level the playing field for all communities.” Hamilton said that Internet connectivity goes hand-in-hand with opportunity and productivity, “So whether you live in Port-of-Spain or Palo Seco, you must be able to get reliable, high-speed, high quality communications services to enhance the pursuit of your goals whether you are a student, an entrepreneur or even a large enterprise. That is a true digital democracy.”

 Susan Mohammed, the Channel Manager of Residential Sales at TSTT, noted “The response is overwhelmingly positive. Customers in the rural areas appreciate that we have made the special effort to focus on serving them with modern solutions using fiber optics.”

To complement its network expansion, bmobile has invested in an advanced service management system that, has drastically reduced the time required for services to be installed. Much to the delight of both bmobile staff and customers, residents in fiber-ready areas, like Palo Seco, Scarborough and Santa Flora, not only enjoy the unquestionably superior service quality but also benefit from bmobile’s ability to do installations in a much shorter time.

Bmobile’s fiber program is a key part of the Company’s overarching strategy to transform from a legacy telecommunications provider into an agile broadband company. It also is inextricably linked to a ‘Zero Copper’ project which aims to ultimately discontinue providing any services over copper infrastructure. The fiber optic and wireless technology being deployed will enable the company to support customer usage of high-data applications including streaming and gaming.

 “At its core, bmobile’s network modernisation translates to touching more lives, creating more opportunities and having a greater impact in all corners of Trinidad and Tobago. As a company, we are very conscious of what this means for customers, communities and by extension, the development of the country”, stated Hamilton.


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