Angostura launched new rum label

September 15, 2013:

Angostura Limited launched its new label design for their rums at the opening ceremony of the company’s 4th Annual Rum Festival held on Friday at the House of Angostura,

During his opening address at the Festival, Trade, Industry and Investment Minister Vasant Bharath gave the Ministry’s commitment to work with the manufacturers of the industry to ensure continued growth and development with special emphasis being placed on encouraging innovation and research and development.

Bharath congratulated Angostura on its awards of Gold, Silver and Most Outstanding in the International Wines and Spirits Competition: "Angostura continues to do T&T proud’"

"Trinidad and Tobago’s culture and history is entwined with the history of rum, dating back to the days of our sugar cane plantations.  And Angostura Limited is inextricably linked to this story, creating what is known today a 'the world’s most awarded rum range' and positioning Trinidad and Tobago as the epicenter of rum production in the Caribbean."

He noted that the beverage industry remains a significant contributor to Government’s drive to diversify the economy and Angostura continues to play a substantial role in its development. Notably exports of rum and bitters remain one of the country’s largest food and beverage export items, with exports totaling $33 million for the period January to June 2011.

The Festival provides patrons with the opportunity to learn about the history of rum, sample Angostura’s unique offerings of food and drinks, and view live cooking demonstrations.

Angostura's Executive Manager, Marketing Brenda De la Rosa said Angostura has accepted the challenge to enhance its image which is mainly as a result of its institutional focus on satisfying consumer needs and its passion for success.

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