Agriculture Minister meets with Importers, Supermarket Association on Meat Products Recall

Photo Caption: Employees work at a JBS SA meat processing plant in Brazil. (Photo Courtesy: Diego Giudice/

March 22, 2017:

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat and Ministry of Health officials met today with President of the Supermarket Association, Dr. Yunus Ibrahim and other Association members as a follow-up to yesterday's recall of meat products from Brazil.  Also in attendance were representatives the Ministry of Trade and Industry and local importers of corned beef and chicken products from Brazil.

These supermarket owners and importers will be affected by Tuesday’s announcement of restrictions on meat imports from Brazil and the targeted recall of corned beef, chicken patties and chicken nuggets made in that country.

The meeting was called to give importers and distributors the opportunity to discuss the recall and to have concerns relating to its implementation addressed.  Discussions were cordial, with supermarket owners undertaking to continue complying with the recall in the interest of public safety.  In fact, a number of business owners and retailers said they had already begun pulling Brazil-made corned beef, patties and nuggets from their shelves.

At the same time, importers, distributors and supermarket owners raised several issues arising out of the recall with a consensus forming among them that this was unprecedented.

A few attendees raised the issue of compensation for losses incurred as a result of the recall.  Others raised the prospect of returning affected products to Brazil.  Participants also discussed the possibility of tapping alternative import markets for corned beef, described as a staple of the local diet.  These concerns were addressed by the Director of the Public Health Unit, Dr. Saeed Rahaman, and the Ministry of Agriculture's Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. David Kangaloo.

Minister Rambharat again assured participants that he was working round-the-clock with Dr. Amery Browne, our ambassador in Brazil, to get first-hand information about actions being taken by the government there to restore integrity to Brazilian meat exports.


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