“TT Online Community Voices!”- MSCD announces upcoming Virtual Outreach & Education series

The business of Community Development continues as the Ministry of Sport and Community Development (MSCD) adapts and delivers its mandate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Every year, the MSCD teams up with various stakeholders through its Community Awareness and Sensitization Programme to disseminate public information on various issues that affect the daily lives of our citizens. This year, the Ministry is embarking on bringing these discussions to the online community.

Titled “TT Online Community Voices!”, the series will include sixteen (16) engaging discussions with stakeholders from various sectors and will run from October 14th 2021 to January 27th 2022. The talks will focus on information critical to personal and community development that may help citizens in their decision-making processes and direct them to resources that may be useful in providing support.

According to the Honourable Shamfa Cudjoe, “The national and global responses to control the COVID 19 pandemic continue to affect how communities keep in touch and advance their development. This Virtual Outreach initiative provides a platform for the MSCD to continue to touch, develop, educate and empower communities as we focus on surviving and overcoming these turbulent times”.

Below is the schedule for the Virtual Outreach series, which will be streamed every Thursday at 2 pm via the Ministry’s social media pages and available on its YouTube Channel:

1. Oct 14, 2021

Second Chances – Part 1: Investing in Your Own Development- A Conversation about Courses, Classes and Other Opportunities for Growth

2. Oct 21, 2021

Second Chances - Part 2: So You Want To Start Your Own Business?

3. Oct 28, 2021

Securing Social Support in Trying Times

4. Nov 4, 2021

Corona Virus, Immune Health and Covid 19 Vaccines

5. Nov 11, 2021

Dealing With Death, Picking Up the Pieces and Getting Back on Track

6. Nov 18, 2021

Dealing With Depression and Managing Mental Stress- Normalizing Counselling and Psychological Support

7. Nov 25, 2021

Understanding Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

8. Dec 2, 2021

Game Show – Know Trinbago Game Show

9. Dec 9, 2021

Living with Lupus and Understanding Autoimmune Conditions

10. Dec 16, 2021

Dealing With Divorce, and Living Your Best Life Thereafter

11. Dec 23, 2021

Financial Security Part 1 – Planning for Retirement, Illness and Death

12. Dec 30, 2021

Financial Security Part 2 – Understanding Credit Lines, Shares, Stocks, Bonds

13. Jan 6, 2022

Financial Security Part 3 – Planning for Home Ownership (Rent to Own, Rent or Own)

14. Jan 13, 2022

Exploring Adoption and Foster Care Options

15. Jan 20, 2022

Surviving Sexual Assault, Incest and Rape

Jan 27, 2022

You Are Not Alone-Recognizing Abuse, Seeking Solace, and Securing Support


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