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Motor Vehicle Act amended

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June 27, 2013:  

The Motor Vehicle Insurance Third Party Risk Act has been amended to protect victims of road accidents.

Speaking at the weekly post- Cabinet news conferences at the Office of the Prime Minister in St. Clair, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan explained that a recent ruling by the Privy Council motivated Government to make the amendments.

“On the 16th of August 2012, in a matter, the Privy Council reversed what has been the law for a long time in Trinidad and Tobago. It was a policy where the insurance would only cover instances where only the named driver in the insurance policy itself was driving. It did not cover anyone else who drove,” Ramlogan said.

He explained the victim will not be able to claim compensation. “It affects a small number of persons but has the potential to create a burden as there are persons who are injured to get compensation.”
As such, the Government moved to amend the act to ensure that if persons named on the insurance and also those driving the vehicle and they get into an accident, the victims would be able to get judgement.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General also announced that the Salaries Review Committee would revise the pensions given to retired judges.
“Time and skills of judges have become more as cases have quadrupled over the past years. They are only human and it is time that one looks after them post retirement. They are facing hardship as their pensions are very small. To amend the pensions paid to them, the government is going to increase and adjusted it upwards,” Ramlogan said.


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